snow days

There was a moment in time when I lived here
That particular winter was filled with snow
Flake after flake falling from the sky

I had to cocoon into my home alone
The streets to treacherous to drive on
No where to go, just me alone

I equally loved those moments
And struggle through them
Feeling trapped and isolated

Here today I am in a new home
With someone to spend snow days with
I long for the white stuff to blanket the world around

I wish for the days where snow takes over
For a brief time
Bringing the world to a halt

It forces you to slow down
Breathe a little deeper
Savor the moment you are in

I love the smell of freshly fallen snow
The way it lights up the world
And has a certain calming sound to it

Winter is here
And my hope is that it brings a moment filled with snow
And a chance to relax deep into each other and