celebrating love

Today let us celebrate love.  Let's raise our glass and make a toast to the love that blooms around us and that which is infused in everything we do.

Love can be found in the passions we hold dear to our heart.  The colors we choose as we spread paint onto canvas.  The feeling of our feet hitting the pavement as we rack up the miles running.  The way we yell and scream cheering for our favorite team.

It can be seen and felt in our daily tasks.  The way we prepare a meal, make the bed, tend to the garden.  We hold love in our heart for our pets, our home, the moments we are deep in laughter.

Love is not just a feeling between two individuals.  It  is everywhere in life.  It lives within the greeting we receive when we arrive home.  The hug from our niece and the sound of her voice when she says your name.  The comforting feeling of curling up under the covers and drifting into a deep sleep.

Love is infused in the friendly wave to your neighbor or even a stranger.  The bread you bring to feed the ducks and the way you break it up into bite sized pieces, just for them.  The small flower you see emerging after the long dark days of winter.

Love can be felt through a simple touch.  A friend resting her hand on your arm as she tells you a story.  A deep embrace from your lover.   A high five given after crossing the finish line.

Love is everywhere.  Even when that "special someone" is not in your life, love is swirling around.  It is in everything we do an it ripples over to those we interact with and the way we show up in our work life.

Love is there, it is always there.  Spilling out into the world.  Bringing comfort and ease.  Spreading laughter and kindness.

Today on this day of love, let's celebrate the love we hold deep in our heart and the love we share with others.  Love is the glue that holds this world together.  Let's keep spreading it.