I am not good at peeling hard boiled eggs
And am pretty bad at returning things to stores when I should
This is easy to admit

What is tough
Is hanging it all out there
Letting the world know what I am personally terrible at

I don't do great at showing up in public spaces
I have a fear of making a fool of myself
And rarely allow space to laugh at myself while unknown eyes are watching

I have a fear of the public
I shy away, back down, do not let myself have fun
It is as if they are going to choose my destiny for me

I am terrified of being embarrassed
Afraid of this unknown moment that may occur
I lock up

Even when I am out in the world alone
I think someone may be watching
I tend to dig deep into my introverted self

I want to let go more often
Play, laugh, have fun
Embrace the moment of goodness that I am in

So I am here
Stating my fears
Starting in this public space

My hope is that I will expand my wings
Take my fear to the streets
Let go and not worry about others