reflect back to someone

All to often we are hard on ourselves
Poking and prodding at the things we like least about who we are
Over analyzing every detail of something we said wrong
Or something we wish we would have said
We look at ourselves under a microscope

Seldom do we step back
Taking a look in the mirror
Staring deeply into our eyes
Admiring every freckle
And appreciating the beauty that is right there

Sometimes we need people to reflect back to us what they see
Showing us the way the world really sees us
The beauty, the shiny glittery goodness
The qualities that we never knew existed in us
But that each day we are exemplifying

Reflecting back to someone who they are
Is one of the greatest gifts you could give someone
It opens their eyes up to their own beauty
And brings them courage to step forward
Boldly into who we already knew they were

Don't be shy
Tell someone close to you how you see them
How the world sees them
Shower them with the love that they bring to the table every day
And stand back to watch them bloom