I was feeling as if there wasn't enough space in the world for my ideas
As if everything I thought of had already happened before
Feeling hopeless, lost, inadequate
Having nothing genuine to infuse into this space

But the spring time blooms bounced me back to reality
So many of them the same, but each uniquely their own
Each one evoking a different feeling and emotion
The slightest change of light shifting providing a new perspective

There is space in this world for each of us
To grow, to bloom, to share
We are uniquely ourselves
No one else has experienced what we have before

We need to stand tall in our light
Share our brilliant ideas and the love that is breathing in our heart
Boldly say what is we dream of doing, than wildly chase after that dream
We need to know that when we bloom we radiate hope and love to others

Lets all bloom together
Put on a magical show that will take the worlds breathe away
Lets cheer each other on, lend a helping hand
And fill the world with color and light