the struggles of being human

There is so much I want to say
So much I wish you knew and felt
I want to rip open your heart and feed an intravenous tube deep into it
Filling you with the love we have for you
Pumping in the deep respect that we feel for who YOU are as an individual
We may not have a way with words
We may not always show how we feel
But my goodness we feel
We feel so deeply
And it hurts even more because we do not know how to navigate those feelings
We do not know what to say
How to act
When to jump in
And when to let you swim
We feel as if we are floating on our own islands
And all we want is to be together
To be seen
To be loved
To be cherished for who we are
We are not perfect, but no one is
And even though we do not speak the words we feel
We still feel them
We are facing our own struggles
We are navigating our own paths
Lost in the forest
Scared, feeling alone and unsure
And you to are navigating your own journey
We wish we could do it together
We wish we were strong enough to say we don't know how to do this
But instead we get mad, we turn inside, we hide behind the reality of what is
We are struggling
Longing for you to come home
But what is home
Where is the place that you feel safe, loved, at peace with yourself
We know how strong you are
We know the brilliance in your sense of humor
The way you make us laugh
Your smile when you are with the little ones
We know the big bold heart you have
How hard you try to keep it all together
How smart, loving, and kind you are
We love you for YOU
For the exact person you are
We do not want to change you
We do not want you to be anyone other than who you are
We just want you to know that you deserve the best
You deserve to be happy, respected, and loved for YOU
You do not need to change for anyone
You do not need to prove who you are
We all stumble
We all fall
We all make mistakes
But we do not have to pay for those mistakes for ever, and neither do you
You are beautiful
You are amazing
You are one of a kind and you deserve to be fully loved for you
You have nothing to prove
My wish for you is that you go out into this world and find what moves YOU
Not what speaks to another, but what it is that really truly makes you happy
I want to see you dance, smile, and soak in the glory of how awesome you are
I am so grateful I know
So happy I get to spend time with you
And now is your time to shine
To say to the world you are here
 You are ready
And you are going to live your passion