choose love

It is here where the dreaming begins
Right in my backyard
Ideas filling my mind
Heart fluttering
The picture of a full life motivating me to take the

I sit here scribbling away
My pen unable to move as quickly as my mind
Thought after though bringing a smile to my face
I am glowing
I am in awe that I ended up here
In this moment FREELY dreaming

There were times when it was dark
Dreams shattered before even given a chance to bloom
Jelousy hindering my inner desires
A closed enviornment closing me in even tighter
There was no space to sit and breathe
No sunshine filling my SOUL

I traveled a journey to get here
Falling down many times
Learning how to stand on my own
I choose to cling onto faith and hope
I choose to reach high

And now I sit here
In this serene enviorment
Encoruaged to go further, dig deeper, find what moves me
I no longer have to hide my inner desires
I am free to dream, to be, to open up
TOGETHER we brainstorm and I take action

I didn't know that my journey would take me here
All I knew was that I had to follow my heart
With each step I took, I had to listen to that inner voice
And here I am in full bloom
Choosing love
Leaping freely into my soul, letting go together