There was a sense of hesitancy in her before she went back stage
I wasn't sure if she would dance or hide in the background
If I was her, I may have choosen the back ground
But she was FEARLESS

She got up there with confidence
I saw her bravely step into the moment
The light was on, and she shined
I was in awe

There was no second thought
No hesitancy
It was just her, in the moment

Remember when you didn't have that fear of what others thought?
Remember when you let loose, had fun, and just did it for the sake of doing it?
That is where she was
In the moment

Oh how I wish I could get back to that mind
The mind of believing in myself
Of letting go
Of not caring what others thought

She has it
And my hope is that she holds onto it for as long as she can
Because it is magic
And it is light

It is how we should all be
Dancing to the beat of our own drum
Letting go
And having the music guide us