finding your own path

You had asked me not to feel sorry for you
And I do not

You are in control of your destiny
You are the one who chooses which path you go down
And which you do not

It is you who makes these bold choices
It is you who must seek out what makes you happy

You know that you must make yourself happy before you can find happiness with another

It is you who must do it all
You know you cannot rely on others

You know that you have to hone in your dreams
And then chase after them
But you also know that they must be your dreams and not someone else's

Sure, there were moments you fell apart
Bad decisions
Wrong roads taken

You have fallen more times than you can count
Your temper flailing
Your anger getting the best of you

But you see all of that now
And you are making the choice to carve your own path
To walk in the right direction

You are looking for help
You know you cannot go at it alone

You need support
And you are finding it

And you know now that you must step into yourself
With immense courage
And follow your heart

It is you who will carve the path to your happiness
It is you who will find exactly what you are looking for

And in my heart I know you will find it

It will not come over night
Nothing ever does
But it will come

And when it does you will be ready to celebrate it