slowing down :: sparkling and shining

I choose this moment to slow down
Soak in all the goodness that had unfolded the past few days
There was laughter, so much laughter
I feel more in love, deeper and deeper
We were on the move going from one thing to the next
Having so much fun

But here in this moment we paused
The warm are caressing our skin
The sun shining
Each of us looking around, counting our blessings
Grateful for this moment, for this trip, for each other
It was beautiful
No words needed to be said
We each felt the love, the gratitude, the beauty of the day

We stopped on the path
Snapped some photos
Smiled at one another
And knew
That the love we have is eternal
So easily we got along
So happily we dive deep into our time together
What we have is a rare gift and we appreciate it so very much

It is the ordinary moments in life
That make it extraordinary
And we must appreciate these moments
Slow down
Soak them in
Be right where we are
And be present to those we are with
It is in those simple moments that life sparkles and shines