standing tall in who you are

"She has a much more interesting life than we know about" I overheard them say.  "She writes and has even had something published in a magazine.  She host these writing workshops and is doing an online class.  I don't even know how someone does such a thing.  I never knew this about her."

What if we didn't hide our true passions
What if when someone asked us what we did instead of stating our corporate job we said what we really love doing

I am a writer and a teacher.  I place my thoughts and feelings gently down on the page and share them with the world.  I teach people how to feel comfortable with a pen and piece of paper and explore their own stories.

What if our resume wasn't filled with our college experience and corporate lingo, but rather what was living and breathing deep in our hearts
What if we claimed what we really truly were passionate about doing

What doors would it open
What opportunities would it bring

We will never know until we actually say it out loud
We must begin to speak our truth and not hide behind our fear

We must stand tall in what we love and let the world know it
Who are you when no one is looking

Stand up and tell the world