the magic of the streets

The streets were filled with people coming and going.  Visitors from all over the world.  I was in awe.  A new place to explore.  New adventures unfolding right in front of us.

I had no expectations of San Francisco and we did not have many concrete plans of what we would do when we got there.  The only thing for sure on our agenda was to see two baseball games.  Other that we let the city guide us.

We walked a lot.  The streets opening up, inviting us to explore.  We ventured near the water and got drawn towards the music of the seals.  Old video games made us giggle and delicious restaurants invited us in.

We drew closer to one another.  Holding hands.  Telling old stories.  Sharing our hearts and ideas for the future.  We traveled far from home but felt closer than ever to one another.

Travel has a way bringing people together by opening them up new sites and possibilities.  Traveling is one of my favorite things to do and he is my favorite travel companion.