taking the steps

It is not going to come to you
You must go out into the world and make it yourself
You will not find it ringing your doorbell, letting you know it has arrived
You must put in the hard work, take the time, figure it all out

It will not weaves its own tale for you
You are the one holding the pen and must write the stories of its adventure yourself
When you are standing around with your hands in your pockets hoping it will come
It will not be tapping you on your shoulder saying "hey, I am over here"

It will not arrive overnight
You must be patient, tend to it, never give up
Always take the next step
What we desire to accomplish can only happen when we go after it

It will not be handed to you in a neatly wrapped package
You will have to trudge through the mess, pull out the sparkling jewels
Tears may be shed
But there will also be moments of pure glee as you see it all unfolding from your tireless work

You must go after it
Never let it go
If you want it
You must create it