using my voice

When I first started filming videos for my 

Love Notes Special Delivery Class

I went into a

vulnerability hangover

.  It was tough to see myself on camera.  I was used to blogging with words on a screen.  Seeing myself on camera and hearing my voice was a whole different ballgame.  

I have a soft spoken voice . . . thank goodness for microphones.  There are so many times I am not sure of myself when I speak.  I hold back and later regret not speaking up.  I am more comfortable showing up on the page.  

So I am challenging myself to use my voice more.  Show up in front of the camera and speak from the heart.   It is strange to see yourself on screen and hear your voice.  I have been analyzing every detail, but I show up.  

What is one thing you wish you were better at and know you could be better if you just tried?  I challenge you to give it a shot.  Show up and "just try."  Know that you have nothing to loose.  Come on, give it a try.