sharing my heart

I have been honored to share pieces of me on some of my friends blogs.  You can find them below.

 You can find me here:  Shine
Vivienne McMaster took fourteen days to focus on self love, a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  As serendipity would find it I had the opportunity to share a piece of my writing for her one of her days.  Be gentle with yourself and shine.  

You can find me here:  Navigating How to Begin
It can be difficult to begin, to take that first step.  But usually the hardest thing for us to do is the thing we need most to do.  Mindy Tsonsa, the creator of Wish Studios has created a space for individuals to show up and begin.  

It is important to take the time to care for ourselves.  To listen to what our heart is saying and do just that.  Jen Lee has this amazing ability to truly listen to you and help you find what it is that is calling to you, what it is that your soul needs in this moment.  For me writing is something that helps me dig through life.  Jen's guide: The Care and Keeping of Creative Souls has helped me to dig deep and truly get inside.  

You can find me here:  Self Love

Vivienne McMaster took fourteen days to delve into self love.  She explored what it looks like, feels like, and can sound like for many.  She had a few guest post sprinkled throughout her fourteen days and I was lucky enough to be one of them.  Self love is a value that I hold dearly in my heart and I was truly honored that I was able to share a piece of myself on her blog.

  You can find me here:  I am better for it
I wrote a piece on Heartwing Sisters for Kollen Harrisson's I am better for it project.  It was incredibly healing to write this and share part of my past with the world. In doing so I was able to forgive myself.  Forgiving ourselves is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

  You can find me here:  I am enough
Tracey Clark has created an incredible collaboration of women showing sharing with the world their stories of being enough. It is an important lesson for all of to keep engrained in our hearts.  Because as we are, exactly as we are, we are enough.  

  You can find me here:  Letting go of fear
My friend, Liz Lamoreux was looking for some guest writers.  I was excited to volunteer.  When I tried to write the post my mind froze up.  I was fearful of not writing something good.  In order to write I had to let go of the fear.  Letting go of fear is necessary in life.  It allows us to leap.  When we leap we learn how to fly and goodness surround us.