colorful happiness

So many rays of sunshine have arrived in my mailbox thanks to the Love Notes Post Card Project
My heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy
I am so thankful for each individual who participated
I loved seeing the photos of post cards sent
As well as receiving these stunning cards

I love thinking about the people who saw these post cards before I did
Thinking how these bright colors, stunning photos, and beautiful words
Were bound to make them smile
Love, getting sent through the mail
A dark day a little bit brighter

I am looking forward to hosting this again very soon
Be sure you are on the mailing list so you know when it begins
And if you participated in the initial launch I would love for you to share your love notes story here
Send me over and email (
And we will get it all worked out

There is something special about sitting down and writing words on paper
Sending them off to someone you may not know
And being left to the wonder how your words affected someone's day
There is magic in the doing and in the not knowing
That is what the Love Notes Post Card project is all about