Thoughts on Love Notes: Donna Wynn

Photo By:  Donna Wynn

The Love Notes Post Card Project will be starting again this Sunday.  Have you signed up yet?  If you are on the fence about participating I say jump in and give it a try.  All you need is three postcards and three stamps.  It is so much fun spreading love through the mail.   

Below Donna Wynn of Gentle Threads shares thoughts from her experience when she participated in the initial launch.  

I received such joy while participating in the Love Notes project this summer!  What a fun experience it was being a part of such a special project that Jennifer created.  How wonderful it is after a long day to return home and find something special in your mailbox from someone you are getting to know, a new friend!  The writing prompts were fun and creative and as we were writing and sending out our Love Notes, we were revealing just a little part of ourselves along with it.  I can't believe how fast the three weeks flew by! 

Getting emails from Jennifer each week with the prompt, sending the postcards to someone and then receiving was a beautiful treat.  Then when you thought it was over, Jennifer surprised us and suggested we send a postcard to the person we were receiving from...what fun!  My postcards have now found a safe place in my journal!  Can't wait for the next go around...Thanks Jennifer!

Head on over to HERE to sign up!