go for it

Dear You,

Do not be discouraged.  Do not back down.  You have dreams living in your heart.  You have opportunity around you.  Clear out the haze that is in your eyes.  Be daring enough to see what is around you.  There is beauty. There is love.  There is a chance to be taken.  A risk to be had.

Embrace these moments.  Let go of fear.  Release the worry in your heart.  Find out what would happen if you just gave it a try.

You may fall down.  You may fail.  But that is ok.  You can always, always, always get back up again.  Reach for the stars, then jump to catch them.  Do not give up.  Do not ever give up.

You are strong.  You are courageous.  You can make it happen.  All you have to do is begin.

Today is the day to begin.

What will you begin today?

Your inner guide