choosing what we love

Yes folks, my christmas tree is still up.  And so are the twinkle lights around my living room window.  I love the light they give off.  It is so calming and peaceful.  I have no plans to take it down even though others comment on it when they come in.  Some think we have been lazy not taking it down.  Others just chuckle.  For me it brings peace and happiness.

There are so many moments in life when we are faced with others choosing to comment on a choice we made.  They stand there with their hands on their hips judging us.  Jumping to conclusions.  Spreading negative talk because they simply do not agree.  It can be tough to stand in their path as these dark words spill out.

But there is beauty in the different.  There is goodness in the choice that is made because it feeds our heart, even if others do not understand.  We must not let their negative talk bring us down.  We must continue to follow our heart, even when that decision can be difficult and faced with adversity.  We must stand tall in who we are and know that we are feeding our souls, and that is the most important.    

~ have you made any choices that lit up your heart but lead to judgment from others?  how did you get through and press on? ~