about me

I am a writer
Using words to share the truth of my story
I am a photographer
Capturing what is real around me
I am a builder of community
Connecting individuals through words in the mail
I am a listener
Wanting to hear what it is you hold close to your heart  

In 2005 I wrote my first post on Giggling in the Rain.  When I hit publish I had no idea the world that I was opening up to.  A world filled with love, adventure, new experiences, deep friendships, and brave living.  It has been one heck of a ride and I am enjoying each moment.  

In 2012  I founded Love Notes, a project involving handwritten notes being sent through the mail ~ the real mail.  My heart has expanded watching individuals connect through this project and to see some of the beautiful notes that have been sent.  

Thank you for joining me here in this space.