Welcome to my little corner of this digital world.  I invite you to make a cup of tea, settle in and explore.  Within this space I open up my heart through words and photos.  I believe there is power in telling our stories and spilling it all onto the page.  Writing heals.  When you share the truth of your story you unearth your light. I believe that we aren't meant to do this alone and so I invite you to lean in, hold my hand, and together we can navigate this journey we call life.  


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We shine brighter when we stand together

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Life has us in a constant swirl, rushing from one moment to the next.  But what if you could slow down, take a deep breathe in, and savor the moment.  How would your body feel when your shoulders relaxed and the tension in your neck subsided.  It only takes a few minutes a day to get into a habit of mindfulness.  I invite you to explore these uncharted waters for thirty days.  I will provide you with different tools and exercises as we practice mindfulness.  We begin June 1st.    

Because we aren't meant to travel alone

I invite you to gather with me.  To show up as you are and share a piece of your heart.  I promise to be sharing a piece of mine as well.  Let's spend an afternoon of creative connection together.  If this sounds even a little bit intriguing to you click below to sign up to receive the invitation.  I hope that you will join me.  It would be wonderful to meet face to face.  



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