Welcome to my little corner of this digital world.  I invite you to make a cup of tea, settle in and explore.  Within this space I open up my heart through words and photos.  I believe there is power in telling our stories and spilling it all onto the page.  Writing heals.  When you share the truth of your story you unearth your light. I believe that we aren't meant to do this alone and so I invite you to lean in, hold my hand, and together we can navigate this journey we call life.  


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Let's get together, sit across from one another and share our hearts.  

Join me August 5th for a Love Notes Meetup in NJ!



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We shine brighter when we stand together

Because we aren't meant to travel alone

I invite you to gather with me.  To show up as you are and share a piece of your heart.  I promise to be sharing a piece of mine as well.  Let's spend an afternoon of creative connection together.  If this sounds even a little bit intriguing to you click below to sign up to receive the invitation.  I hope that you will join me.  It would be wonderful to meet face to face.  



You deserve to be living your best life!  You deserve to feel confidant and radiant in who you are.  You deserve to make your dreams come true.  But sometimes you get off track.  You lose your way and are unsure what the next step is.  Sometimes you just need a nudge and someone to guide you to keep on going. 

This is where I come in.  I will sit beside you, hold your hand and keep you accountable.  I will be your guide on your journey and create a program tailored specifically to your needs.  I will provide you with exercises and tools to unearth what is living and breathing right below the surface.  I will be your companion as you stand tall, unearth your light and climb above. 



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