kindness and compassion opportunities with Jennifer Belthoff

As a LOVE Champion I believe that we are not meant to travel this journey alone.  Their is power in sharing your narrative.  Through writing, story telling and snail mail I will guide you to excavate your truths and cultivate the path you want to travel. 

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Lets create Together


Bring a little bit of joy to your mailbox and connect with others through the power of paper and pen.  

I will be your guide on your journey and create a program tailored specifically to your needs.

As an avid journal keeper I know what it takes to unearth what is living and breathing deep in your heart

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Open up your email box 2-4 times a month to personal stories and heart opening content.  It is my intention to fill your well and encourage you to keep stepping forward.  

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My Writing

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life through my eyes

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